Mystery feldpost box

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€10 / pcs €20 / pcs from €10
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Category: Sets
Dimensions (Large): (?): 110x190x55mm
Dimensions (Small): (?): 85x130x30mm

The mystery field post box contains personal needs as well as food from our offer. The idea arose from the knowledge of the field post during World War II, when the soldiers wrote home about the necessary things they missed on the front.

Each box has a different content, so we can provide a surprise for every bag you receive.


The mystery field post box is ideal for a birthday party as well as a gift for a friend. We leave the name label blank, so you can write the name of the recipient or yours.


Product variants:

  • SMALL- Box with surprise worth from 10 to 15 €
  • LARGE- Box with surprise worth from 20 to 25 €

Unboxing mystery box by NEO 035

Unboxing mystery box by ParaLight Worx