Field post during World War II

From a military point of view, the field post office, such as the medical service, belongs to the supply units. The transport of mail in the field was an absolute priority, as delayed field mail, especially from family members "could cause the soldier to worry and make it difficult for him to fulfill his duties." All consignments from the field ...

Cold weather & Footwraps

During the First World War, considerable losses in battles were associated with improper care for soldiers. The highest casualties occurred during humid and cold weather. During World War II, German officers agreed that trench foot was a more serious problem. The Germans made a concerted effort to ensure that all soldiers were aware of the danger a...

Pervitin during World War II

I do not want to promote drug use with this article. This is for historical research purposes only for those who are interested in World War II or the using of pervitin during World War II. After 10 years of research, Temmler Werke 1937 filed a patent for a new substance methanephetamine. Its effects have been studied in laboratories since 1919....

Waterproof print

If you want to know what print quality to expect if WATERPROOF PRINT is marked, you are in the right place.  During the Second World War, as well as now, large printing machines are used to print packaging materials. Nowadays, everyone is attracted by the possibility to print replicas of packaging on a color laser printer or a standard inkjet...

Food on the front

The food supply system at the end of 1944 was largely the same as at the beginning of the war (not improved and not modernized). Food rations for soldiers consisted mainly of packaged products from the company or field kitchen, which cooked hot food for soldiers daily. The most well-known problem with hot food from field kitchens ...

How to use modern scho-ka-kola can

Do you have an empty or full can of modern scho-ka-kola at home, but do you want to use it for reenactment events? Yes, it is true that many people use it without modification. But being different and historically correct is easy. If you already have an empty can you can fill it with candy or chocolate. Or if you smoke a pipe or pack cigarettes, yo...

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