Do you want to collaboration with Warcopy and have products for free?

If you want to receive free products of your choice or need products for filming, exhibitions, reenactment event, fill out the form where I can find out more about you. Of course, today I cannot collaborate with everyone at once, but tomorrow the situation may change.



Who am I looking for?

Anyone can sign up, you don't have to be a company or an influencer with 100,000 followers. The only condition is to have your audience.
You can also get in touch if you have:

  • Youtube channel focused on short films from the WW2 period or a channel that deals with the topic of WW2.
  • Facebook focused on the WW2 period (Reenactment group, Original photos or other topic focus).
  • Instagram focused on the WW2 period (Reenactment group, Original photos or other topic focus).
  • Blog where you write about WW2.
  • Other sites focused on WW2. 

What can you expect from this collaboration?

  • Free products of your choice.
  • I will not influence your creativity and presentation in any way.
  • Sharing posts on WARCOPY Instagram.
  • Reward for your audience


You will find more information about collaboration in the answer.

Current collaboration

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