First Warcopy birthday celebration

It is my great pleasure to inform you that today (1.6.2021) is officially the year I will operate under the WARCOPY brand. Hundreds of orders were sent under the Warcopy brand in a year, and a total of over 6,000 products were shipped. But the most important thing is that in a year I was able to help you get modern products for reenactment events, photography and video shooting.

As a reward that the Warcopy brand can celebrate their first birthday thanks to you, I have prepared a 10% discount for the month of June for those who created an account and shopped during the first year. And also birthday tickets for those who like surprises.

When ordering over 30€, you can choose a lottery ticket to the order as gift and if you are lucky enough to receive an additional gift with a bigger reward. For the first Warcopy birthday, 100 lottery coupons were created, packaged and mixed. It is a coincidence about which coupon you will receive by ordering.

Choose a gift Warcopy

In these 100 lottery coupons, 32 discount codes are hidden for your next order:


  • 4x 5% Discount
  • 4x 8% Discount
  • 4x 10% Discount
  • 5x   3€ Discount
  • 10x 5€ Discount
  • 2x 10€ Discount
  • 2x 15€ Discount
  • 1x 20€ Discount

How do I find out if it's a ticket with a price?

  • If the coupon code starts with 0, this coupon has no additional gift.
  • If the coupon code starts with 1, this coupon is with a birthday gift.


What prize did You win?


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