[How to] Remake modern scho-ka-kola can

Do you have an empty or full can of modern scho-ka-kola at home, but do you want to use it for reenactment events? Yes, it is true that many people use it without modification. But being different and historically correct is easy. If you already have an empty can you can fill it with candy or chocolate. Or if you smoke a pipe or pack cigarettes, you can pack tobacco in a can.

We need:

Step 1 - Remove stickers

If you have stickers on the can, remove (tear, scratch or water)

Step 2 - Push the hole

The most important step is to push the hole on top of the can. It can be pushed with a finger or a blunt object.

Step 3 - use sandpaper

Before staining it is important to roughen the surface of the can.

Step 4 - coloring

The entire can must be colored from the outside to cover all the inscriptions.

Step 5 - stickers

The last step is to stick the stickers on the top and bottom of the can.

All done! The Scho-ka-kola can is now very similar to the war scho-ka-kola can.

Complete conversion of can in video