How to support?

How and why to support Warcopy by scanning products?

The main motto of Warcopy is "Be historically correct and do not destroy the original items". Therefore, I give the opportunity to support this idea with your collection. If you are a collector and you have a collection of German food or personal items from the period of the WW2 at home, you can help the reenactor who is reconstructing the fighting or to find Warcopy products at exhibitions. As we know that some war products are rare or very difficult to obtain and easily destroy if we want to show them to the public. So war products will not be destroyed and with your help you will prevent the destruction of the same objects.

So how does it work?

On the whole, it's simple. Many products on offer are processed by the same method. Scanned to scanners, "cleaned" and ready to print. So to keep history, all you need is a printer with a scanner or just a scanner, a computer and products.

Reward for scanning?

Of course, your work while scanning will be rewarded, and not just by feeling good. If your product gets into the offer, you will receive an email and you can choose a reward: small mystery box or 15€ purchase coupon (for which you can buy for example reproductions of your products).

How to prepare products for scanning?

  1. Clean products from dust.
  2. Translucent packaging - load a piece of white paper (if possible) to prevent the back from shining through.


How to scan products?

  1. Set in the application from the printer / scanner to scan to .pdf format and set the resolution to 600DPI.
  2. Clean the scanner glass of dust.
  3. Envelope - (Blank object) in the scanner and close the cover.
  4. Box - (Larger item) place on the scanner glass. If the object protrudes from the scanning area, press it so that the object is close to the scanner glass (it cannot move the object during scanning)
  5. Start scanning from each side of the subject and save the scans in .pdf format.


What information to add to the product?

The most important information for the production of a new product is the dimension (height * width * thickness). You can also write information about products that you know about the product and its use during World War II. This text can be used as a product label to inform others.


Save the files in .pdf format. Send the files and product information to the email address:


We will contact your email address when the product goes into production. To let you know about the reward for your scanning work.


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