Loyalty discount


Don't be afraid to use my products!

Because I want you to war feel, you have to use my products. That is why I have prepared a loyalty discount for you for future purchases, with which you can shop repeatedly at a good price.

How does it work ?

To purchase with a loyalty discount, you only need to be a registered customer and be logged in when purchasing (otherwise the order will not be assigned to your account).

What discount will I get?

The discount depends on the amount of your previous purchases made in the WARCOPY store in the last 12 months (one year). The value of your purchases adds up, and when you reach the specified amount, you receive a discount on the purchase of products.

Loyalty discount amount

Value of previous purchases over the last 12 months greater than:

50€ = 1% discount

100€ = 3% discount

300€ = 5% discount

500€ = 7% discount

1000€ = 10% discount

Loyalty discount rules

  • The loyalty program is intended only for registered users of the WARCOPY store.
  • Participation in the loyalty program is free and does not bind the user to anything.
  • If the order is canceled, returned, or not accepted, the order will not be included in the loyalty program.
  • The obtained discounts are valid for the entire range in the offer of the WARCOPY store.
  • The admin reserves the right to change the conditions of the loyalty program or terminate it at any time.
  • The value of orders is counted for the last 12 months.

Where can I see a loyalty discount?

After logging in, you will automatically see reduced prices for your discount in the store. And then you will see the value of the discount in the basket.

How much loyalty discount do I have?

You can see the amount of your discount in your account under the tab - my discounts.

I bought unregistered

If you purchased unregistered and want to use the loyalty discount, register at the store and then contact me and I will associate your previous purchase with your account.

Warcopy registrácia


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