Ammo box Mauser 98K


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Dimensions: (?): 85x60x30mm

Reproduction box of 8mm rifles Ammunition for Mauser 98K most used by the German army during World War II. Do not use plastic boxes, modern boxes or plastic bags from ammunition when you simply reload the cartridges into an authentic box. As the soldiers received ammunition packed in these boxes


The package can store 15 rounds in diameter 8mm for rifles Mauser 98K.

Ammunition s.S. was originally made designed for use with a long-range machine gun.

S.m.E. ammunition was developed as a replacement for SS ammunition in order to save on lead and other metals, which became a shortage in Germany during the Second World War. The core of the projectile was covered with a relatively thin layer of lead.

The box marked "Für Gewehr" was filled with ammunition, which used less material for production (it contained thinner cartridges sufficient for rifles).

Other military ammunition was made with stronger cartridges and their boxes were marked "Für MG".

Box marked "i.L." or also "in Ladestreifen" contained cartridges that were placed in clips.

SET OF 4- set for a soldier with two triple ammunition pouches


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B Avatar of author | 9.7.2021
Bought for display and the event purpose. Ammo fits good inside the box. It opens "easily" compared to replicas pf other manufacturers. Durability wasn't tested yet.
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