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A convenient set of Wehrmacht banknotes used during World War II. German soldiers did not use civilian money. They use special banknotes issued to all members of the Wehrmacht.

Salary (Obergefreiter) contains


1x 50 Reichmarks

4x 10 Reichmarks

4x 5 Reichmarks

3x 1 Reichmarks

Salary during the Second World War

Unteroffizier - 180RM (regular salary "Wehrmachtbesoldung" 140 RM and 40 RM for war service "Wehrsold")
Obergefreiter - 113 RM (regular monthly salary 78RM and 35RM Wehrsold)
Soldier - Gefreiter - 35RM Wehrsold

Male experienced factory worker is about 80 pfg/ hour.
Female helper in a factory about 40 pfg/ hour.

Prices during the Second World War

Mercedes 540K - 42 000 RM
Volkswagen Beetle - 900 RM (later 990 RM)
Eckstein cigarettes (12 pieces) - 3.33 RM
Entrance to the public house - 2 RM
Pelikan ink pen - 13.50 RM

Men's wristwatch - 10 RM
Men's pocket watch - 20 RM
Razor blade - 2.5 RM
1 kg of bread - 35 pfg
1 kg of pork - 1.60 RM
Fizzy drink - 3 pfg
Newspaper - 20 pfg

Beer bottle - 25 pfg (in the pub)
The cheapest funeral - 200 RM (The family received this amount if the soldier was killed)

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LK Avatar of author | 7.7.2021
Great banknotes replica I have even seen.

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